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    • December 06, 2023
    • August 21, 2024

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    • January 01, 2024
    • December 31, 2024

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    • July 23, 2024
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Zoom

    Join us Tuesday, July 23rd for our Capital Program Webinar series with Gene Frazier, MPA, C.M. Deputy Director, Facilities, SJC, Judy Ross, A.A.E., Assistant Director, SJC, Fai Ali, PE, CM, PMP, CCM, Deputy Director, Planning & Development, SJC, and moderated by Oscar Zavaleta, NorCal CMMA Moderator, CEO, Montez Group.

    The San José Mineta International Airport Improvement Program consists of terminal construction, access and roadway improvements, parking garages and airfield upgrades. Join us for this important conversation about how the airport is evolving and the ways the industry can work together to support successful program delivery.

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    Gene Frazier, MPA, C.M.

    Deputy Director, Facilities, SJC

    Gene Frazier is a senior aviation executive with more than ten years of aviation and facilities management experience.  He currently serves as the Deputy Director for Facilities & Engineering at the San Jose Mineta International Airport.  Mr. Frazier earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Howard University and his master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of New Orleans. He is a Certified Member (C.M.) of the American Association of Airport Executives, and has received designation from the International Facility Managers Association (IFMA) as a Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP) and a Certified Facility Manager (CFM). Mr. Frazier is also a 2019 recipient of Airport Business Magazine’s 40 Under 40.

    Judy Ross, A.A.E.

    Assistant Director, SJC

    Judy M. Ross, AAE, CAE, is the Assistant Director of Aviation for Mineta San José International Airport (SJC) since April 2018. She served as Interim Assistant Director of Aviation since 2017 and Deputy Director of Aviation – Planning and Development at Silicon Valley’s airport since 2015. This experience has included managing the administrative functions of the Airport Director’s Office as well as the five Airport divisions: operations, facilities and engineering, finance, planning and development, and business development.

    Judy’s vast knowledge of the aviation industry and steady management approach was developed through her years at SJC as well as at other U.S. airports. She served as Deputy Aviation Director at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport for seven years; Director of Airport Planning and Development at Little Rock National Airport for two years; and while at San Diego International Airport for 10 years, she was Manager of Program Controls, as well as holding other positions.

    Judy earned a Master’s degree in Aviation Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of North Dakota. She served on the Board of Directors of the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) where she is an Accredited Airport Executive (AAE). Additionally, she served on the Board member of the Southwest Chapter of AAAE, where she is also a Certified Airport Executive. In addition, she services on the Board of the International Partnering Institute and received the Chairman’s Award for 2021.

    Fai Ali, PE, CM, PMP, CCM

    Deputy Director, Planning & Development, SJC

    As the Deputy Director of Aviation overseeing the Planning and Development division, Fai leads a wide range of professional and paraprofessional team members who perform a variety of multi-discipline airport work of various and considerable complexities.

    In his role, Fai serves as the primary executive manager and negotiator between the Airport and the community of Architectural, Engineering, Environmental, Planning and Legal consultants and construction contractors in the oversight and management of the Airport’s capital program. Fai is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) and pavement management plan (PMP) to ensure compliance with all federal regulations and policies. He is responsible for managing the Airport Master Plan including processing updates as needed, and for any work related to compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA). Fai is responsible to ensure that all development complies with applicable FAA design standards and operating requirements and ensuring that off airport development does not adversely impact the Airport’s airspace, inhibiting the operation and growth in airline service. He is responsible for compliance with and management of environmental regulations, including the Airport’s Storm Water Pollution and Prevention Plan.

    Oscar Zavaleta

    NorCal CMMA Moderator, CEO, Montez Group

    Oscar Zavaleta graduated from Santa Clara University with a Bachelor of Science

    in Civil Engineering in 1992. He has worked on large scale infrastructure projects,

    high-rises, airports, light rail, and residential housing in California.

    In 2011, he started a consulting firm – Montez Group Incorporated – where he

    has taken his experience and has built a solid business. Montez Group Inc. is a

    certified small business based in San Francisco with offices in Long Beach CA and

    Renton WA. Montez Group is focused on transportation and works primarily in

    transit/facilities, airports, and water resources.

    Mr. Zavaleta, is also vested in supporting CMAA, COMTO, BuildOUT CA, Mission

    Hiring Hall, local chambers of commerce. He is a board member for CMAA’s

    Northern California – Programs.

    His mission is to scale Montez Group and support non-profits that promote

    sustainability, social responsibility, and workforce development.

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    • August 20, 2024
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Zoom

    Join us on Tuesday,  August 20th for our Capital Program Webinar series with Belinda Hon, Chief, Office of Innovation Design and Delivery at Caltrans. Innovative Contracting Techniques provide alternate methods of awarding and delivering projects. Efficient delivery of projects requires the selection of the most appropriate award and/or delivery method for a particular project. Caltrans has been an industry leader in developing a framework of alternative methods for contracting and procurement of work for capital projects. Join us to hear from the Caltrans Office of Innovation, Design, and Delivery about this trailblazing program.

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    Belinda Hon

    Chief, Office of Innovation Design and Delivery


    Belinda began her career at Caltrans in 1998 as a Junior Civil Engineer in District 3 and she rotated through Design, Construction, Surveys, Project Management and Toll Bridge Construction where she helped delivered multiple I-80 corridor projects from Roseville to Stateline and the Carquinez Bridge projects. Belinda also worked in the Division of Engineering Services as a Project Engineer delivering special design projects including the SFOBB Touch Down and Devil Slide Projects. Throughout her tenure in District 3, Belinda has served in different positions as the Project Manager, Assistant Deputy District Director for Program and Project Management, and Acting Deputy District Director for Program and Project Management.

    After working in District 3, Belinda served as the Architecture and Engineering Coordinator in the Headquarters Division of Procurements and Contracts for several years. Since 2021, she has served as the Chief, Office of Innovative Design and Delivery in managing the Alternative Delivery and Value Analysis Programs. Belinda coordinated and partnered with California Department of Technology in procuring Middle Mile Broadband Network project contracts using the Job Order Contracting and Construction Manager and General Contractor delivery methods. Belinda partnered with legal in developing Senate Bill 146 language for the Job Order Contracting and Progressive Design-Build for which approved and signed in July 10, 2023. In March 2024, she successfully advertised the 1st Progressive Design-Build project and the 1st Job Order Contracting under SB 146 authority.

    Belinda received her Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from California State University Sacramento in 1998 and she is a registered Civil Engineer in California and Project Management Professional. In her spare time, Belinda enjoys spending time with her family and working out in the gym.

    Sarah Tacker


    Vice President and District Manager

    Flatiron Construction

    • September 10, 2024
    • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • Zoom

    The historian of the City Hall built in 1850 brought out the original plans and specs used to build this very ornate and historic city hall. Everyone was in awe. Mostly because they were a total of 50 pages. Yes, to build that highly ornate, and complex building, the 1850 plans and specs encompassed 50 pages. Today, a piping spec can be 1,000 pages.

    Designing a building, a roadway, a bridge, or a tenant improvement project takes a lot of time, and costs a lot of money. Yet so many times we end up with designs that don’t work. Then, the design must be redesigned. Why? Why do we struggle to get our designs “right”, especially with all the new technologies we have to help?

    There are some new schools of thought on how we approach design to help assure that the design is of quality, without so many errors, and less stressful for the design team and the construction team – not to mention the owner!!!

    In this webinar Sue Dyer will interview Geoff Neumayr from San Francisco International Airport, and recent Past Chair of DBIA. Geoff will share some of the emerging ideas on how to improve the delivery of designs in construction.

    Get ready to look at design in a different way.

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