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The International Partnering Institute (IPI) is a member-focused 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Comprised of more than 150 member organizations, we serve Owners, CM Firms, Designers, Contractors, and Facilitators. Our mission is to spread the value of Collaborative Partnering to the construction industry by helping owners, and other construction leaders, understand how to Deliver Partnering that Works™.

ipi project leader certificatioN AVAILABLE!

Now, you can become an IPI Certified Project Leader, proving you are well prepared to know how to make partnering work on your projects. Sharing your IPI Project Leader credential confirms that you are someone who knows how to Deliver Partnering That Works.

Upon completion of the IPI Project Leader certification, candidates will be able to successfully:
Know how to create a high trust culture on their projects
Build a high performing project team
Prevent and resolve project issues

Save money, time, stress, and rise quickly in your organization. From Foremen, Project Superintendents and Project Managers, to Principles, COOs, and CEOs, the IPI Project Leader Certification is for you!

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