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Get involved. Join an IPI committee.
IPI committees focus on developing and implementing the mission and vision of our organization. Join us and get the most out of your membership. It’s a great way to connect with IPI membership, network with others in the industry, learn from one another, and bring awareness to the important of Partnering. 

It is in the committees where the work of IPI is done. IPI currently offers the following committees:

Responsible for managing the annual IPI Awards program.

A committee strictly dedicated to facility owners to share and learn from one another about the value of collaborative partnering and how to Deliver Partnering that Works™ as they implement and grow their partnering program.

The Education Committee works to achieve IPI’s educational goals and meet the needs of the members - to know how to Deliver Partnering That Works™ - including certification for the development and implementation of the IPI Certified Project Leader (IPI) program. This committee also oversees the IPI Facilitator Certification program (PIPI – Professional Level, SIPI – Senior Level, MIPI – Master Level).

Membership and Communications
The Membership Committee seeks to retain and grow membership according to IPI's mission. The committee recommends methods for strengthening membership activities and communication within IPI.

Research (Task Force)
The Research Task Force Committee will promote and facilitate research endeavors supporting Partnering and Collaboration.

Contact IPI Headquarters to join a committee today!

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