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2024 IPI Annual Conference - May 17, 2024


International Partnering Institute (IPI) is hosting the 12th Annual National Conference on Collaborative Partnering in Construction, a one-day event filled with opportunities to learn, share, and network.

Each year, more construction industry thought-leaders and change-makers join the conversation on collaborative construction. Join this elite group and bring your ideas on what the industry can do to make collaboration the new standard in construction.

This year, our theme focuses on Readiness for Growth. Each year, project teams are growing larger, more specialized, and more complex. Further, our civil, mechanical, and building infrastructure increasingly involves smart technologies, forcing construction teams and staff to focus more heavily on systems commissioning, integration, and software adaptation. We want your best ideas and strategies for how to prepare project teams so they can be creative, collaborative, and innovative.

We are seeking presentations that:

  • Involve outstanding project teams resolving novel challenges through collaboration
  • Integrate collaborative tools and technologies to enhance collaboration
  • Use Partnering to enhance alternative delivery methods, project planning, or design
  • Adapt the recommended structured model to respond to new challenges
  • Combine Partnering with concrete risk management strategies
  • Discuss intergenerational needs and talent acquisition and retention strategies
  • Broaden the spectrum of collaborators, bringing in stakeholders, end-users and communities
  • Discuss methods to expand leadership, improve teamwork, or skillsets for project leaders
  • Share strategies to improve project delivery through strategic partnerships

A growing trend toward mega-projects, global trade trends, and the need for project leaders to operate through uncertainty has increased the demands on project leaders and teams. Our expectations created by the rising availability of technology in construction have resulted in a rising need to improve how we understand the differences that distinguish high-performing teams. This conference will help construction industry leaders work together and learn from one another to develop strategies to meet the rising challenges in today’s market.

Owners, contractors, designers, construction managers and facilitators are encouraged to apply to present.


Proposals are being accepted for breakout sessions. Deadline to submit is Monday, March 11.

Breakout sessions will last 45-60 minutes. This should consist of 30-45 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes for questions and audience discussion.

The IPI Conference Task Force will assess the proposals and complete the selection process. Preference will be given to those presentations that are thoughtful, original and innovative. To improve the chances that your proposal will be accepted for inclusion, please consider the following:

  • Stick to one or more of the conference topics
  • Provide presentation proposals that reflect issues and influences related to Collaborative Partnering
  • Proposals should clearly outline the presentation’s subject and content, and how it relates to the conference theme, Readiness for Growth
  • The audience tends to include members of the design and construction industry who are sophisticated in collaborative project delivery. Make sure to share the planned delivery and presentation medium, and how you intended to engage the audience. Proposals featuring a higher degree of audience participation are more likely to be selected

Include two to three presenters, with multiple perspectives represented (i.e., an Owner, contractor, architect and/or consultants). You must confirm the commitment of all speakers listed in your proposal to participate actively in the planning and presentation of the session.

All speakers identified in the proposal will receive complimentary conference registration.

Fill out the online proposal form carefully and completely. Partial answers, unclear sentences, failure to address the specific question, missing information, poor grammar, misspellings and other irregularities will detract from the content of your proposal and make it harder to evaluate. Please do not indicate that your institutional representative will be confirmed once the session has been accepted. This will be considered an incomplete submission. Incomplete proposals are not likely to be accepted.

Be thoughtful and articulate in outlining your proposed learning outcomes.

Get in the spirit of the theme, Readiness for Growth. Develop a quality presentation that relates to key issues facing project Collaborative Partnering or teaming in construction and project delivery. Selection committee members seek presentations that are creative, fun, useful and informative. Effective use of graphics, statistical and analytic benchmarking, research, delivery methodologies, and use of appropriate media are encouraged.

Content matters, but presenters matter, too. Please outline each presenter’s previous conference presentation experience. At least some of your proposed presenters should have relevant speaking experience.

The goal for a concurrent session is not intended to be a presentation of a beautiful and complex construction project or program. Rather, we seek innovative and creative ways to help the industry deliver highly collaborative projects and initiatives.

Thank you for taking the time to submit your proposal! We greatly value your contribution to the Collaborative Partnering movement. 

If you have any questions please email IPI Headquarters.

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