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our history

“IPI is about sharing what we know works. Partnering can’t continue to be the best kept secret in the industry. We need to share it with the rest of the Industry.”

–Sue Dyer, Founder of IPI

The International Partnering Institute (IPI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded in 2009. It began as a shared vision for the future of construction: a future where collaboration, rather than contention, would be the norm in the industry.

Our founder Sue Dyer brought together seven like-minded companies – Owners and Industry - that were already using Partnering to successfully improve their teams’ work culture and project outcomes. They agreed that establishing an organization behind the Partnering Movement would be the best way to effect industry-wide change.

From our original seven founding firms, we have grown into an association of more than 150 member organizations dedicated to the Partnering Movement. Our mission, to spread the value of Collaborative Partnering to the construction industry by helping owners, and other construction leaders, understand how to Deliver Partnering that Works™


To be impactful and member-focused, we approach the development of Partnering resources collaboratively. Our committee members play a large part in crafting, editing and sharing our tools, ensuring that we always incorporate the perspectives of the industry leaders that will use these resources to take Partnering to the next level.

Through our outreach initiatives, we share these tools with the industry to further our mission: to transform the construction industry to achieve exceptional results through a culture of collaboration. Our annual awards ceremony celebrates those in the industry that use structured Construction Partnering to meet or exceed goals and achieve innovations.

As we head into the future, our focus is to strengthen the networks of partnering nation-wide and internationally. Many of our members are true Partnering champions, introducing our model to new agencies so that, each year, more and more of the industry is adopting Partnering. Join the movement or become a Partnering Ambassador today.

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