What is Construction Partnering?

Construction Partnering is a structured process that brings a design and construction team together regularly throughout the life of a project. Partnering provides a space for communication, improved strategy, and issue resolution. Over time, partnered teams build trust, a reliable predictor of high performing teams. Through Partnering, fragmented teams coalesce and unify around a shared objective: successful project delivery.

Typical Project Delivery Timeline:

Collaborative Partnering

Elements of the Construction Partnering model:

  • A neutral professional facilitator
    • Guides the Partnering process and balance the power in the room
  • Partnering Specifications
    • Provides a road map for how you will Partner
  • Charter
    • Co-created by the team in the kick-off session, establishes goals and the strategies to meet them
  • Issue Resolution Process
    • Established during kick-off session
  • Anonymous Surveys
    • Sent to the team electronically once a month to track progress toward goals
  • Follow-up sessions
    • Held at least quarterly to update goals, identify issues and resolve them
  • Lessons Learned Session
    • Upon project closeout

Partnering Works on Any Project

Whether it's a $3M grinding and repaving project or a $400M Airport Terminal, Partnering will help you produce better results predictably.

  • Partnering works with any delivery method.
  • Partnering is scalable depending on the size of your construction project and the amount of risk involved.

The following tools can help you scale Partnering to fit your project:

Benefits of Partnering

  • $1 invested in Partnering = $114 saved
  • Resolve issues and prevent disputes. The average claim in the US costs $29.6 million and takes 16 months to resolve.
  • Achieve greater outcomes in terms of schedule, cost and quality
  • Co-create goals and strategies to meet them
  • Measure progress across the team
  • Improve accountability
  • Identify barriers and opportunities for success
  • Gather lessons learned at closeout

Who Uses Partnering?

Partnering has been embraced by owner organizations and project teams across the construction industry.

Partnering is the “how-to” of collaboration and has been established as a best practice by:

*The Federal Highway Administration*   *Design-Build Institute of America*   *Construction Industry Institute*

"SFO is able to realize a significant reduced cost per square foot in the range of 20-30% as compared to other aviation projects...
This is the result of our Partnering!"

– Geoff Neumayr
SFO International Airport Deputy Director
IPI Board of Advisors

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I Want to Partner. What Should I do Next?

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!

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  2. Learn what you need to know
    Book a training to learn more about the Partnering process.
  3. Pilot your Partnered project
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