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About ipi

The International Partnering Institute (IPI) is a member-focused 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our mission is to spread the value of Collaborative Partnering to the construction industry by helping owners, and other construction leaders, understand how to Deliver Partnering that Works™.

Comprised of more than 150 member organizations, we serve Owners, CM Firms, Designers, Contractors, and Facilitators.



We bring the Construction Partnering model to new agencies, organizations, and academic institutions to broaden their understanding of Construction Partnering as a means to improve construction project outcomes. Our regular virtual forums engage members with innovative topics on Construction Partnering.

Research and Development

We conduct research to increase the body of knowledge on Construction Partnering and develop tools that the industry can use to improve project delivery.


We recognize teams who achieve exceptional outcomes through Construction Partnering by highlighting their success stories in our newsletter and by honoring them at our Annual IPI Partnering Awards Ceremony.


We guide our members by connecting them with a network of mentors, and by providing them access to research and other resources.

Facilitator Certification and Professional Development

We certify the experience of facilitators who demonstrate their qualifications and knowledge of Construction Partnering. We also provide a forum for professional development to improve standards of practice in Construction Partnering.

What is Construction Partnering?
Construction Partnering is a structured process that can enhance your team’s collaborative efforts to take your project delivery to the next level. More information available here.

What does IPI do?
We serve our members, providing guidance and training on Construction Partnering and creating research based tools to advance collaboration in the industry.

Join the Movement
Join the hundreds of industry leaders and innovators who support our mission to transform the construction industry here.

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