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project leader course content

Course #1 - Collaborative Partnering

Learn to Create a High-Performing Project Team

Section 1: Using Collaborative Partnering to Grow Trust and Performances 

Module 1

How Can You Build a High Performing Project Team?

Part 1A Collabortive Partnering Defined

The Nozzle Effect

Part 1B What's Possible with Collabortive Partnering

What if ypu could do better than 70% of Construction Projects?

Part 1C What Three Things Kill Projects?

Module 2

How do I Implement CP to Achieve the Nozzle Effect?

Part 2A Collabortive Partnering Your Project

3 Phases of Collabortive Partnering


Your CP Questions

Part 2B IPI CP Tools

Module 3

Casy Study

Section 2: Leading Partnering on Your Project Everyday

Module 4

When Partnering, What Do You Do In-between Partnering Sessions?

Part 4A The 3-Step IPI Partnering Practice

Step 1: Evaluate Your Project Risks Using the 3R’s

Step 2: Identify Your Optimal Partnering Focus

Step 3: Partner Your Risk Using I-P-I

Part 4B Pick a Project Risk and Use the IPI 3-Step Partnering Practice to Partner That Issue

Module 5

Becoming a GREAT Partnering Leader

Part 5A The 11 things GREAT Partnering Leaders Do

Part 5B The 3 Partnering Tenants to Live by on Your Projects

Module 6

Partnering on Partnering

We are going to tap into the Collective Wisdom of this cohort

Course # 2 - Trusted Leader

Learn to Create a High Trust Culture on Your Projects

Module 1

Drive Out FEAR and Build TRUST

Part 1 It Started with a Fist Fight

Part 2 Fear Makes it Impossible to Lead

Part 3 The TRUST Equation

Module 2

The Trusted Leader Continuum

Part 1 Use the Partnering Approach

Part 2 Your Trusted Leader Profile

Part 3 Get High Trust Results

Module 3

The Ten Partnering Principles

Part 1 Creating a High Trust Mindset

The Ten Principles

Part 2 Be Principle Driven

Module 4

The Six Partnering Principles

Part 1 Values + Attitudes = Principles

The Six Values

Part 2 Your Culture of Trust

Module 5

Train Your Brain with Daily Practices

Part 1 Implementing the Partnering Approach

Part 2 The 6 Trusted Leader Daily Practices

Part 3 Your 30 Day Trusted Leader Challenge

Part 4 Trusted Leaders Transform Their Business

Module 6

Your 30-Day Challenge

Part 1 Taking the 30-Day Trusted Leadership Challenge

Part 2 Celebrating You!

Part 3 Next Steps on Your Trusted Leadership Journey

Course # 3 - Preventing and Resolving Project Disputes

Learn to Become a High Trust Negotiator Who Can Prevent and Resolve Project Disputes

Module 1

No More Claims

Part 1 Your Experience with Claims (Introductions)

Part 2 Anatomy of a Claim

Module 2

Understanding Interests

Part 1 Exploring Interests

Part 2 Increasing Satisfaction

Part 3 Mini Case Study

Module 3

Becoming a Trusted Negotiator

Part 1 Creating a Trusted Negotiator Mindset

Part 2 The 7 Principles of Non-Adversarial Negotiating

Module 4

Steps to Non-Adversarial Negotiation

Part 1 The Three Steps to Non-Adversarial Negotiating

Part 2 Using the Three Steps - Distribute Roles

Module 5

Negotiation Practice Case Study

Part 1 Preparation

Part 2 Negotiate Toward an Agreement

Part 3 Debriefing

Module 6

Creating and Using a Dispute Resolution System

Part 1 What is a Dispute Resolution System?

Part 2 Typical Elements of a Dispute Resolution System Closing

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