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Barriers to Partnering

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Download IPI's first funded Research Report: An Inquiry to Move an Under?utilized Best Practice Forward: Barriers to Partnering in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry. A June 19, 2014 report prepared by: Sinem Mollaoglu (Korkmaz), PhD, LEED® AP at Michigan State University's Construction Management Program. This report summarizes the findings from surveys of experts on construction partnering. The experts identified four key barriers to partnering: Organizational, Cultural, Legislative, and Project-team related. All in all, they identified 25 barriers and ranked them. In the top 12 Barriers to Partnering, Cultural Barriers emerged as the most frequent barrier to partnering. Download the study to learn more about what barriers prevent the adoption of partnering and how your organization can overcome the barriers that typically haunt construction teams!
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