3/16 Virtual Forum: ADOT’s Partnering Program

On March 16th, we featured the Partnering Program at Arizona Department of Transportation!

Watch the Virtual Forum on YouTube:

Arizona Department of Transportation has been Partnering since 1991!

Attendees learned about their successful program:

  • How it started, changes over the years, and what the future holds
  • How they engage multiple stakeholders, adapt to a changing industry, and resolve complex issues


Featured on the call:

SteveCampbellSteve Campbell,

Pulice Construction


JasonFannJason Fann,

Fann Contracting


Kole Dea

I-10 segment manager for the ADOT South Mountain Freeway Project


AudraMerrickAudra Merrick,

ADOT Northcentral District Engineer


Bonnie OpieBonnie Opie,

Partnering Administrator, ADOT