“Partnering for Progressive Design-Build”

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Collaboration 2017–May 19th

9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Progressive Design-Build and Structured Collaborative Partnering work together to create exceptional project outcomes. Attendees gained the lessons learned from he delivery of $3 Billion worth of projects.

Featuring Sue Dyer, Geoff Neumayr, and Rob Reaugh-- Bios below.

About the Session: An interview with Sue Dyer, Orgmetrics LLC

Tell me about your session: “Partnering for Progressive Design-Build.”

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is pioneering the way they use Progressive Design-Build. They have created a successful model of Progressive Design-Build that is married to Structured Collaborative Partnering. Partnering creates the culture that produces extraordinary results.

How long has SFO been using Progressive Design-Build?

T2 was the first big project to use it, and that was very successful. It’s been used on about 15 major projects now—or approximately $3 Billon worth of projects.

How do Partnering and Progressive Design-Build mesh?

The very nature of the Progressive Design-Build delivery model requires collaboration in order for it to be effective. The team must openly communicate, build consensus, and benefit from its collective wisdom. That requires a team culture with a high level of trust. You have to actively do something to set the cultural norms-- and that’s done through Partnering. Without it, you’re flying blind and just hoping the team will work well together.

What is one lesson learned you can share with us before the conference?

The traditional role that the construction manager plays is not the same as the role they are needed to play on collaborative Progressive Design-Build projects. Typically, they are hired to protect Owner interests—in doing so they inadvertently create adversarial relationships. But if they know their job is to facilitate the success of a project, they can unleash their years of experience and help improve the project.

What is the main thing you’d like the audience to take away from the session?

Progressive Design-Build is an improved way of delivering complex projects, such as at SFO.  There may be a learning curve to it, but the results can be extraordinary—saving as much as 30% per square foot on a project. To be successful, it takes commitment and a structured process.

What will you be speaking about at the kickoff breakfast of the Awards Ceremony?

Collaboration 2017 is an opportunity. Think about what you want to take with you, and tap into the collective wisdom of everyone at the conference: The people coming are doing all kinds of great things. Talk to them. Share openly. That’s what the industry needs.

About The Speakers

Sue Dyer, MIPI

President, OrgMetrics LLC


Sue Dyer is President of OrgMetrics LLC, a professional partnering facilitation firm. OrgMetrics has conducted partnering with over 3,000 projects. She is the founder of the International Partnering Institute, a non-profit educational organization that is dedicated to changing the culture of construction. She is the author of the classic book “Partner Your Project” which is now in its 5th printing. Sue just launched Partnering FIT™, a virtual training platform that provides the knowledge and practical tools to help construction teams produce extraordinary project results. You can contact Sue directly at SueDyer@orgmet.com or 925-449-8300. ©2017 Sue Dyer

Geoff Neumayr

Chief Development Officer, SFO


Geoff Neumayr is the Chief Development Officer for the San Francisco International Airport Planning, Design & Construction Division.  He is responsible for the planning, design and construction of all Airport maintenance & capital projects.  He received his Bachelors of Science degree in Architectural Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.  He has over 30 years in design and construction, and brings a unique insight to the Design & Construction process in that he has been a designer, builder, owner’s representative and now is an owner.  Geoff also is a huge advocate for Structured Collaborative Partnering because it is the foundation that high-performing collaborative teams are built on.


Rob Reaugh, IPI,

Vice President, OrgMetrics LLC


Rob Reaugh is Vice President and professional partnering facilitator for OrgMetrics LLC.  Rob has a background in mediation, training and keynote speaking in the field of construction conflict prevention and resolution.  He joined the OrgMetrics team in 2012, and has facilitated more than 150 partnering sessions.  He currently works with BART, Caltrans, San Jose International Airport, San Francisco International Airport and others and serves as the partnering facilitator for the City and County of San Francisco Collaborative Partnering Steering Committee.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Dispute Resolution.