Partnering Works! AGC, AAAE, and Aviation Committee

IPI speaks at an AGC Spring Conference, attends the AAAE Conference and launches a new Aviation Committee!

IPI Speaks at AGC Spring Conference

Partnering Works!

Partnering Works!

On May 1st, IPI Executive Director Rob Reaugh presented the IPI Collaborative Partnering Model and the IPI Vertical Matrix to the Building Division Meeting of the AGC California Spring Conference. The Conference, entitled "Building for the Future" was located at the beautiful Monterey Plaza Hotel in Monterey, California.

During his presentation, Reaugh discussed the negative effects of construction's adversarial paradigm and shared recent data on the Cost of Conflicts on construction job sites.  He also shared how Partnering helps teams build collaboratively and how since 2013, IPI Award-winning project teams have determined that $1 spent on Partnering is worth $96 Savings to the project!

Jim Pappas, Hensel Phelps

Jim Pappas, HPCC

This talk represents IPI's first opportunity to speak at an AGC California Conference and share the structured model with key contractors and associate organizations who work throughout the state.

IPI thanks BOA Member Jim Pappas of Hensel Phelps and AGC California for providing the platform to share the IPI Collaborative Partnering Model with the industry!

IPI is whisked away to AAAE!

The AlamoJust two days after the 5th Annual IPI Awards Ceremony and IPI Board of Advisors Meeting, IPI Executive Director Rob Reaugh was invited to attend the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) Conference and Exposition in San Antonio, Texas.  The 86th Annual Conference entitled Viva!  provided a forum for IPI to share the Collaborative Partnering Model and market our organization within the Aviation Industry.  The conference included a keynote by Southwest Airlines CEO and President Gary Kelly and featured a substantial Exhibitor floor which provided ample opportunities for marketing and sharing the IPI Model.

Roddy Boggus, Parsons Brinckerhoff

Roddy Boggus, Parsons Brinckerhoff

The trip, generously sponsored by Parsons Brinckerhoff and new Aviation Committee Co-Chair Roddy Boggus, enabled IPI to share with Conference attendees how Partnering can be particularly beneficial for Airports.

IPI Members have learned that even the most basic construction projects in airports are complex due to high levels of security, stringent requirements by TSA, the FAA, Fire Marshals and others.  Collaborative Partnering also provides a forum for teams to overcome these and other project challenges and also identify opportunities to better interface with the travelling public.  We know from experience that Collaborative Partnering is a fantastic way to help airports reduce risks and claims on their construction projects and we are sharing the successes of SFO International Airport, the Sacramento Big Build Project, and other to assist our nation's key transportation hubs with becoming "Owner's of Choice".

IPI Launches New Aviation Committee

New FAA Tower, SFO International Airport

New FAA Tower, SFO International Airport

The International Partnering Institute is launching a new Committee focused on Partnering in the Aviation Industry.  The IPI Board of Advisors set this initiative In order to ensure that our new Members in the Aviation Industry have a place to participate.  The Committee, Co-Chaired by Parsons Brinckerhoff SVP, Roddy Boggus and SFO Deputy Director, Geoff Neumayr, will focus on ways that Collaborative Partnering can improve collaboration on Construction projects.

The Committee, forming this fall, will also focus on methods for integrating stakeholders and key subs to ensure that the owner, designer, contractor, subs, key systems, and third-parties can all be more effectively integrated into Aviation projects, worldwide.

If you would like to learn more about this new Committee effort, please contact us at

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