Partnering Works! Int’l Committee and Webcor

IPI Launches a new International Committee and Webcor Builders is ENR California's Contractor of the Year!

IPI Launches new International Committee

Partnering Works!

Partnering Works!

In an effort to continue the spread of Collaborative Partnering worldwide, International Partnering Institute is launching a new International Committee. The Committee will be co-chaired by John Thorsson, Partnering Manager of NCC

Construction Sweden AB and Zig Rubel, Chief of Building Sciences for Aditazz.

The focus of the committee will be to identify who is using forms of partnering worldwide and develop ways that we can share the IPI Collaborative Partnering Model to improve project outcomes overseas.  In the United States, we have historically defined Partnering as a process that lives outside of the contract--we focus on developing a culture, which enables a team to overcome issues together in a collaborative way.

Zig Rubel, Aditazz

Zig Rubel, Aditazz

In the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, and elsewhere, it has become common practice to start with a contract or "alliance agreement", which includes partnering language included in the construction contract.  The objective of the "alliance agreement" is to leverage the collaborative culture of the project and focus the team on a common goal with a monetary "Pain and Gain" clause.  So, if the team performs well and completes the project under budget, the parties to the contract benefit--if the team completes the job over budget, the team shares the pain of a lost profit margin.  We believe that the Collaborative Partnering Model can help improve results of alliance contracts and help take project outcomes to the next level, worldwide.

John Thorsson, NCC Construction AB

The Committee video and teleconferences will include shared learning on international approaches to Partnering and the group will co-create ways to overcome barriers to collaboration through Collaborative Partnering on projects that take place all over the world.

The Committee will kick off in late 2014. Call IPI (925) 447-9100 or email us to reserve your spot!

Webcor Builders selected as ENR CA Contractor of the Year!

The new SFPUC Building at 525 Golden Gate Ave.

The new SFPUC Building at 525 Golden Gate Ave.

On June 25, 2014, ENR California selected San Francisco-based IPI Member Webcor Builders as  the Contractor of the Year!  The criteria for the selection included performance in the 2013 survey year, combined with a commitment to sustainability and innovative work practices.  Founded in 1971, this highly collaborative contractor recently put the finishing touches on IPI Member SF PUC's new headquarters.  The $146.5M, 277,000 sq ft. facility, built along with IPI Members SFDPW and SFPUC has a number of sustainability upgrades including both insight water treatment and a solar array.

Webcor/Obayashi are serving as the CM/GC for Phase I of the $4B Transbay Transit Center and the SF General Hospital (planned finish in 2015).  Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the full story in the July 28 issue of ENR.

Congratulations again to our friends at Webcor!

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