Partnering Magazine Jan-Mar 2017: Profiles in Partnering

This issue features the Partnering success of the U.S. 6 Bridges Design-Build Project team! Read also about how to manage polarities in construction, what you should know about trust on multi-functional and dispersed teams, and how to get involved with IPI.

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And the winner is....

Ghilotti Bros., Inc.!

As promised, the winning submission of the Collaborative Construction Photo Contest is featured on the front cover of the Jan-March issue of Partnering Magazine.

Highway 101/Petaluma River Bridge Replacement Project, Petaluma CA. For this $66Mil project, Ghilotti Bros., Inc. partnered with Caltrans to install 2 new bridges, 4 new ramps, 2 frontage roads, 7 retaining walls and overall raising of the highway for site distance improvements.


January-March 2017

Partnering Magazine: Profiles in Partnering

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