ENR’s List of “Top 25 Newsmakers”

PanelistGeoffNeumayrIPI Board of Advisors member Geoffrey Neumayr is among the Top 25 "Newsmakers" of 2016 being recognized by ENR for outstanding contributions to the public and industry.

The Chief Development Officer at San Francisco International Airport, Geoff plays a large role in promoting SFO's culture of collaboration. Senior Editor Aileen Cho highlights the success of SFO projects under his leadership: "Their design-build approach has resulted in no claims despite millions of dollars in construction over the past several years..."

Along with implementing design-build, focusing on structured issue resolution through Partnering is another progressive way that SFO maintains their impressive track record. "An issue is a precursor to a problem that hasn’t happened yet but might happen," explains Geoff. "We get those out on the table in a collaborative environment, where now people are not afraid to bring it up.”

To hear more about how SFO achieves exceptional project outcomes by combining Progressive Design-Build and Structured Collaborative Partnering, attend Collaboration 2017! On May 19th Geoff will be presenting alongside OrgMetrics LLC facilitators Sue Dyer and Rob Reaugh to share lessons learned through the delivery of $3 Billion worth of projects.

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