IPI Happenings – June 2014

IPI launches an Owner's Roundtable Webinar Series for those facility owner representatives who want to improve their partnering outcomes!


IPI Presents... IPI Owner's Roundtable Webinar Series

On Friday May 15, 2015 IPI gathered facility Owner's from Across the country to discuss Collaborative Partnering.

We had three esteemed speakers present on Partnering and participate in a Q&A: Mark Leja, Chief of Construction for Caltrans, Ivar Satero, COO of SFO International Airport, and Dan Himick, C.C. Myers, Inc.

The IPI Owner's Roundtable collected more than 30 IPI Members and representatives from both public and private  Facility Owners from around the United States in SFO's new T2 Partnering Conference Room. We are very excited to launch this new  initiative to promote education and learning between IPI Members!

We learned that the attendees had several follow-up questions, so in order to develop ongoing education, we are launching a Webinar series exclusively for owners.

The Format:
Mark, Ivar and Dan will each have an opportunity to answer the topic question from their perspective, and then the Webinar/conference call will be an interactive, facilitated dialogue on the topic.

Our first Owner's Roundtable Webinar will be held on September 5th, 2014: 12 - 1pm PDT

The Topic:
How do we get those others in our organization to help us and not work against us with our Partnering effort?

Spaces are Limited and will be reserved for IPI Member Owners!

To reserve your spot - please email or call: ED@partneringinstitute.org
Rob Reaugh (925) 447-9100

Are you an IPI Member with a Partnering announcement?  Contact us!