Innovative and Effective Partnering Conference

IPI member Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), with support from the Federal Highway Administration, will be hosting a conference on Innovative and Effective Partnering April 4th-6th in Reno. The conference coincides with the Every Day Counts 4 Initiative, which promotes "e-construction and Partnering" as one of 11 innovations for 2017-2018.

The conference has an impressive lineup of presentations, group discussions, breakout sessions, and panels. Along with Lisa Schettler, Partnering Program Manager at NDOT, guest speakers include IPI members Ken Solak, Caltrans HQ Partnering Manager, and Chase Wells, Statewide Partnering Coordinator for Ohio DOT.

Here are some of the topics you can look forward to hearing more about:

  • The Value of Partnering
  • Opening Doors to Better Communication & Collaboration
    • Executive Partnering
    • Programmatic Partnering
    • Subcontractor Involvement
    • 3rd Party Stakeholder Involvement
  • Partnering and Alternative Delivery (D/B, CMGC/CMAR)
  • Partnering in Today’s Digital World – Helps or Hinders?
  • Risk-based Partnering
  • Keeping the Momentum Going

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