Getting Started with Partnering

What is Collaborative Partnering? Why did a structured approach to Partnering help save teams $93 dollars for every $1 dollar they spent on Award winning projects last year? These documents have the definition of partnering and answers to frequently asked questions.

Excerpt from A Working Model For Collaborative Partnering:

A-Working-Model-for-Collaborative-Partnering-Cover-sPhase I: Partnering Program Initiation

Partnering Program Objectives for Facility Owners

To get started, the facility owner must identify what they hope to achieve through their partnering program. These objectives could be

• that you feel that your construction projects are not “predictable”, consistently over budget and/or behind schedule and you’d like to improve the situation

• you could want to make sure you don’t end up with disputes and claims that eat up your budget and staff’s time

• you could want to improve on your current results (assuming you have data) so that you can lower your overall installed cost

• or, you might want to implement some of the other collaborative tools/delivery methods that are not effective without a culture of partnership

Objectives are very specific to each organization’s requirements and constraints.

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