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Founded in Colorado in 1947, Flatiron is a heavy civil contractor for infrastructure, transportation, and water delivering projects involving roads, bridges, dams, tunnels, rail, and water/wastewater.  They have been a pioneer in delivering Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) projects in North America, including Canada’s first PPP project and the San Francisco Presidio Parkway as well as other alternate procurement methods including design-build and CMGC.  Flatiron is nationally recognized for being one of North America’s the safest contractors earning multiple awards.  Furthermore, Flatiron has received multiple Awards for Partnering, securing Diamond Level Partnered Projects of the Year for both the I-880/SR-92 Interchange (2012) and the I-238 Widening and Rehabilitation (2011).  Both of these projects overcame tremendous challenges to improve two of the San Francisco Bay Area’s busiest corridors.