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IPI Members can contact us for a list of facilitators to keep with you or you can look though our facilitator list below.

Did you know IPI certifies facilitators' experience?

"IPI-Certified Partnering Facilitators are IPI-Members who are already proven in the marketplace.  These firms are industry leaders who have consistently assisted construction teams with developing a collaborative culture and who are familiar with the structured approach to Construction Partnering."

There are three levels of certification based on experience:

  1. Certified Level Partnering Facilitator (IPI)--has facilitated 25 or more partnered sessions
  2. Senior Level Partnering Facilitator (SIPI)--has facilitated 100 or more partnered sessions
  3. Master Level Partnering Facilitator (MIPI)--has facilitated 250 or more partnered sessions

IPI Certified Partnering Facilitators

Paul Crotty
Neal Flesner
Gregory Grabowski
Eric Sanderson
Jon Swartzentruber

Non-Certified Partnering Facilitators

Michael Tahan