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IPI Members can contact us for a list of facilitators to keep with you or you can look though our facilitator list below.

Did you know IPI certifies facilitators' experience?

"IPI-Certified Partnering Facilitators are IPI-Members who are already proven in the marketplace.  These firms are industry leaders who have consistently assisted construction teams with developing a collaborative culture and who are familiar with the structured approach to Construction Partnering."

There are three levels of certification based on experience:

  1. Certified Level Partnering Facilitator (IPI)--has facilitated 25 or more partnered sessions
  2. Senior Level Partnering Facilitator (SIPI)--has facilitated 100 or more partnered sessions
  3. Master Level Partnering Facilitator (MIPI)--has facilitated 250 or more partnered sessions

IPI Certified Partnering Facilitators

Cinda Bond, MIPI

OrgMetrics LLC
Paul Crotty

Paul Crotty, MIPI

Crew Consulting Group

Kurt Dettman, IPI

Constructive Dispute Resolutions

Sue Dyer, MIPI

OrgMetrics LLC

Jim Eisenhart, MIPI

Ventura Consulting Group
Neal Flesner

Neal Flesner, MIPI

Velo Group

Andy Fulton, SIPI, PE, PMP, CSM

Construction Accelerator, LLC
Gregory Grabowski

Gregory Grabowski, IPI, PE, CCM

GCC & Associates LLC

Sydne Jacques, SIPI, PE

Next Level Leadership

Rob Reaugh, MIPI

Orgmetrics LLC
Eric Sanderson

Eric Sanderson, MIPI

Red Rocks Advisors, LLC.

Eileen T. Sien, IPI, PE

Peak Partnering

Bill Spragins, MIPI

Bill Spragins Consulting LLC

Leonard Steinberg, SIPI

Creative Alliance Group
Jon Swartzentruber

Jon Swartzentruber, SIPI

Paradyne Consulting Works LLC

Non-Certified Partnering Facilitators

Cherrie Fisher Headshot

Cherrie Fisher, PMP

CKF Consulting

Dennis Green

Green Com, Inc.
Paul LoNigro Headshot

Paul LoNigro, AIA

GCC & Associates LLC

David MacNeel

On Point Lean Consulting, LLC

Dorriah L. Rogers, PhD

Paradyne Consulting Works LLC

Jessica B. Romm

JB Romm PhD
Michael Tahan

Michael Tahan