Deliver Partnering That Works

Delivering Partnering That Works Is What IPI Is All About!!

Project Leaders who know how to make partnering work…

Save money, time, stress, and rise quickly in their organization.

Now, you can become an IPI Certified Project Leader proving that you are well prepared to know how to deliver partnering work on your projects.  Sharing your IPI credential confirms that you are someone who knows how to Deliver Partnering That Works™.  From Foremen, to Project Superintendents and Project Managers, to Principles, COOs, and CEOs, the IPI Project Leader Certification is for you!
For example:

  • John Hildegard, IPI, DBIA
  • Jesse James, IPI, PE
  • Jill Morgan, IPI, CCM
  • Juan Garza, IPI, AIA
  • Joan Lily, IPI, PMP
  • Joanna Wong, IPI, LEED


The IPI Project Leader Certification has Two Steps

Step 1: Take the three required courses:

  • Trusted Leadership Course (On demand training donated to IPI by our Founder, Sue Dyer and 100% of all proceeds go directly to IPI)
  • Collaborative Partnering Training (1.5 days Virtual/IRL/Custom)
  • Preventing and Resolving Project Disputes (1.5 days Virtual/IRL/Custom)

Step 2: Share your Certificates of Completion with the Certification Committee and become an IPI Certified Project Leader!!


Take the first step today to becoming an IPI Certified Project Leader


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