Dorriah L. Rogers, PhD

Full Name and Title
Dorriah L. Rogers, Ph.D.
Company Paradyne Consulting Works LLC
IPI Certification N/A
State CA
Business (858) 442-4295
Mobile (310) 889-8633

Dr. Rogers founded Paradyne Consulting Works in 2004. She brings 20 years of unique experience traveling throughout North America providing guidance to numerous Fortune 100 and 500 organizations. She specializes in identifying and solving issues affecting efficiency, productivity and profitability. Dr. Rogers’ book Decide to Profit (SelectBooks New York) is based on her years of consulting. Dr. Rogers approaches her clients strategically, with an eye towards the management team efficacy, productivity and efficiency of operations, and financial streamlining. She is adept at teaming with senior executives at the highest level or rolling up her sleeves and diving into project or field level operations.  She is particularly adept at the partnering process.

Her client base includes the Who’s Who of Fortune 100 organizations, as well as the Department of Defense, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and other large government entities. She has led Paradyne in the areas of partnering, project turnaround, operational streamlining, strategic business planning, government contracting and management and technical training. Executives find her insightful, candid, operationally savvy, and a highly effective leader.