Bill Spragins, MIPI

Full Name William S. Spragins
Company Bill Spragins Consulting LLC
IPI Certification Master Partnering Facilitator (MIPI) 250+ Sessions
State CA
Business (303) 882-0846
Mobile (303) 882-0846
Bio Bill initially got involved with the partnering movement in the early 1990s as Practice Leader for Partnering at FMI Corporation, a management consulting organization that works exclusively within the design & construction industry. After working with some of the early pioneers of partnering (Chuck Cowan and Tom Warne at the time with the Arizona DOT), Bill & FMI helped push partnering out across the industry nationally with as many as 12-15 facilitators involved. By 2000 Bill, a smaller FMI core group, and their most committed clients arrived on a partnering model that is similar to the current IPI model. By the time Bill took on the partnering practice under his own shop from FMI in 2019, FMI consultants had facilitated partnering on over 1,400 projects with Bill having been personally involved with over 400. In addition to working with CALTRANS in some of their early experiences with partnering, Bill has assisted numerous organizations in launching their partnering programs, including Arizona DOT, Master Builders Construction & Housing Authority (Australia), New York City DEP, the Texas DOT, and the US Army Materiel Command (Rock Island) and other US Army commands involved with major defense contracts. While he facilitates partnering on projects of all sizes, he has developed a particular expertise on mega projects and stressed turnaround projects.