Technology, in general, makes everything better...right?

As construction is rapidly pulled into the digital age, it appears that the abundance of technology hasn’t exactly solved our challenges with project collaboration. True innovation requires not only a change in technology but also in process and people.

Owners face a unique challenge as they look to drive collaboration and transparency between project stakeholders that have traditionally been seen as adversaries. Simply choosing the “best” technology and collaborative contract standard won't cut it. To streamline workflows and data exchanges across the design, construct, and operate life cycle, the project team must build trust with each impacted stakeholder through alignment around a common purpose and shared values.

This presentation and Q&A discussion will help project leaders gain a better understanding of the impact technology and process standards have on collaboration efficiency, and the new role of leadership for Owners and Construction Managers. Effective collaboration in the digital age begins when we build trust through transparency and create a culture of “measure to learn” rather than blame.

Presented by Nathan Wood