2013 Mar/Apr IPI Award Winners

Announcing the 2013 IPI Award Winners!

IPI Partnering News

IPI Partnering News

The 2013 IPI Industry Awards go to...
Industry Awards honor Organiztions and Individuals who have worked to make the industry more collaborative

Ohio Dept of Transportation
IPI Partnering Champion (IPI's Highest Honor):
Ohio Department of Transportation


IPI Strategic Partnering Achievement Award:Utah-Transit-Authority highres
UTA 2015 FrontLines Program


IPI Chairman's Award: To be announced at the IPI Awards on Thursday May 16th (Register for the IPI Awards Ceremony Here)

For full coverage of the IPI Awards, please download the March/April Partnering News.

The 2013 IPI Partnered Projects of the Year go to...

Partnered Projects of the Year honor Project Teams exhibiting the highest levels of Collaboration on the job

Introducing the 2013 Diamond Level - John L. Martin Partnered Projects of the Year

This year, the 20 projects receiving acknowledgement saved $343 Million!
To learn more download the Mar/Apr Partnering News and read Page 3

IPI Keynote Speaker Profile

The IPI Awards Ceremony is on Thursday May 16th, from 2:30-7:00pmclick2
(Register Here!)

IPI is pleased to announce the 2013 Keynote Speaker Geoff Neumayr!  Geoff is the Associate Deputy Director of SFO International Airport and he will be delivering a keynote entitled: "Finding Exceptional Project Outcomes (EPO) through Partnering".

This fun and dynamic speech will focus on the Airport's cutting-edge approach to the Design-Build Contracting Methodology.

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IPI Welcomes Four New Member Organizations!

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